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Fresh Chonak Fish Boneless Fillet Whole With Skin

Fresh Chonak Fish Boneless Fillet Whole With Skin

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Chonak Fish Fillet Whole Cut with Skin with its mellow flavor and a white, flaky texture that perfectly balances muscle and fat, these boneless fillets are perfect for grilling, frying, barbecuing, or curries. It is preservative-free.

Perfectly portioned in pieces per pack, ideal for intimate dinners or family gatherings. Whether you prefer grilling, frying, barbecuing, or adding it to your favorite curries.

Nutrient Benefits:
Chonak Fish Fillet Whole with Skin for a nutritious boost, it packs a punch with high protein content, supporting muscle health and providing sustained energy. With its naturally low-fat profile, it aligns seamlessly with weight-conscious diets, offering a guilt-free and heart-healthy dining experience.

Choose Chonak for a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet, where flavor and well-being go hand in hand.

Storage Information:
Store under refrigeration at 4°C or below, in hygienic conditions. All our fish & seafood is passed through safety & quality checks to ensure the highest/safest quality.

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