Welcome to Nuste.in, where a legacy of three generations meets a passion for delivering the finest seafood to your table. I am Aftab Mohammad, the proud alumnus founder and CEO of nuste.in.


Our commitment to excellence extends to your doorstep, where you can choose from a diverse selection of seafood. Customize your order according to your preferences, and experience A-grade cutting and cleaning services performed by our team of professional experts. We prioritize quality and hygiene, providing our valued customers with premium services and unwavering satisfaction.

Behind our promise is a fleet of over 30 insulated vehicles, each with a carrying capacity of 6-10 tons. On a daily basis, we sell between 6-12 tons of material, and during the rains, our capacity extends to an impressive 40-80 tons. With processing and ice plants strategically located in Candolim and Malpe, as well as a factory in Sancole, we have established a robust infrastructure to meet the growing demand for our premium seafood.


To export internationally and become India's most preferred choice for consumers seeking premium seafood services.


To serve fresh, quality seafood to over 100,000 seafood enthusiasts in Goa, dispatching 10,000 orders monthly and delivering 10 tons of seafood daily.