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Fresh Goan - Ladyfish

Fresh Goan - Ladyfish

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Ladyfish is a very clean fish and also one of the tastiest fish. It is an elongated, slender fish with a compact oval cross-section and a large, deeply forked tail. Ladyfish meat is white, tender, and flaky with a delicate and slightly sweet flavor. It has a clean, subtle aroma and a smooth, soft texture. It can be served as grilled fish gravy, fish patties, fish curry and fish fry.

Nutrient Benefits:
Ladyfish provides essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, which is important for bone health and immune function, and minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for bone structure and various physiological processes. Additionally, ladyfish is a source of B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B12, which are crucial for energy metabolism and overall well-being.

Storage Information:
Store under refrigeration at 4°C or below, in hygienic conditions. All our fish & seafood is passed through safety & quality checks to ensure the highest/safest quality.

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