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Fresh Indian Salmon/Rawas Fillet Sliced Fish Clean

Fresh Indian Salmon/Rawas Fillet Sliced Fish Clean

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Indian Salmon is one of the most consumed fishes in India. It is famous for its delicious taste with succulent white meat and firm texture. The steaks are thick slices of the large-sized rawas fish, with the bones intact to retain the flavor. These steaks are perfect for grilling, frying or even baking. You can add a touch of Indian/local flavor to it by cooking it up as a spicy masala fish fry or serve it as a baked fish steak with a sauce of your choice.

Nutrient Benefits:
Indian Salmon, is a versatile and nutritious fish suitable for consumption across various age groups. Its rich omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, and essential nutrients make it a beneficial addition to the diet of both children and adults, supporting overall health and well-being. Moreover, this is a tasty and healthy food combination, packed with numerous nutrients that exert myriad health benefits.

Storage Information :
Store under refrigeration at 4°C or below, in hygienic conditions. All our fish & seafood is passed through safety & quality checks to ensure the highest/safest quality.

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