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Fresh Big Prawn Heads

Fresh Big Prawn Heads

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Our premium selection of Fresh Big Prawn Heads, sourced directly from the ocean to your kitchen, bursting with rich flavor and exquisite texture, these oversized prawn heads are a culinary delight waiting to be savored. Perfect for adding depth and complexity to soups, stews, and seafood broths, each head is packed with succulent meat and savory juices that enhance every dish. Indulge in the natural sweetness and robust aroma of these prized delicacies, elevating your culinary creations to new heights. With their generous size and unparalleled freshness, our Fresh Big Prawn Heads are sure to impress even the most discerning seafood connoisseurs.

Storage Information:
Dive into the nutritional goodness of fresh prawns, offering lean protein essential for muscle upkeep and weight balance. Laden with vitamin B12 and selenium, they bolster nerve function and cellular resilience. Furthermore, their omega-3 fatty acids foster heart and brain health, mitigating inflammatory responses.

Nutrient Benefits:
Store under refrigeration at 4°C or below, in hygienic conditions. All our fish & seafood is passed through safety & quality checks to ensure the highest/safest quality.

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